Acting Styles

Film – By far the easiest. You have endless takes to get it right. They are spending tens of millions, and they want you to get it right. Generally everything you need is provided for. Everyone kisses your ass on a film set. The reason is because if you’re out, so are they. The hardest part is dealing with the self imortance of the whole thing.

TV – Is not very satisfying. Chances are the show you are on sucks, and it get’s to be boring after awhile playing the same idiotic character week after miserable week. It’s steady work though. You will either be cancelled after a few weeks, or you will be playing the same crap character for five years which is enough time for the producers to make 100 shows which is the amount needed to syndicate the show. You will then be forced to watch yourself in that crap role for eternity.

Theater – The real deal when it comes to acting. No room for mistakes and you have to somehow make each performance fresh. Not much room for improvising. No dough at all in the theater. That is unless you do some horrible one man show.

Commercials – They train animals and models to be in commercials. Basically requires no talent at all. They pay awesome though for usually one day of work. By far the most satisfying type of acting for exactly this reason.